About the LTA

The Lyme Trail Association (LTA) is dedicated to the maintenance, stewardship and enjoyment of trails in Lyme, Old Lyme and the surrounding area. The LTA is a trail maintenance organization that supports a community of horseback riders and non-riders who appreciate the rural character of southeastern CT and understand the importance of preserving the area’s rustic nature. We also encourage our members to participate in hunter paces, organized trail rides, trail maintenance activities, educational events and just plain having fun! The Lyme Trail Association owes thanks to the generous landowners, public lands and private preserves that allow LTA members to enjoy their property.

Our Goals:

  • To maintain and promote the responsible use of the land and trails.
  • To promote good will and serve as liaison between the trail users and landowners, towns, and organizations that support these resources.  
  • To provide organized support for the preservation, enjoyment and stewardship of open land in Lyme, Old Lyme and the surrounding area.

Membership: This is a membership only organization, with trails open to all who pay an annual membership fee. Trail use is limited to equestrians, nature walkers, hikers and cross-country skiers. No bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted. All members are required to wear or carry member identification.

Funding: Membership fees, event income, charitable contributions, and reimbursement for trail maintenance and management expenses by some local landowners who allow access to LTA members wholly fund the LTA. 

The Board of Directors and members volunteer their time and efforts to support the organization. There are no paid employees at this time.

What does the LTA do?

Trail Protection: In conjunction with conservation groups, we work with private landowners and towns to secure access, protect, maintain trails and promote enjoyment of the resources.

Trail Maintenance:
LTA maintains miles of trails throughout our communities. We clear downed trees, fix holes and muddy areas, repair fencing, mark trails and organize events.

Trail Repair and Construction:
LTA conducts continuous repair and construction projects throughout the year. We clear and construct new trails, install and repair culverts, improve trail surfaces, and maintain equestrian jumps and related trail features and other equestrian facilities.

Volunteer Trail Days:
We hold Volunteer Trail Work Days throughout the year to clear and maintain the trails and to prepare for events.

Events: LTA holds educational and social events throughout the year designed to promote the outdoors and to bring in funds for the organization and other not for profit organizations. See our events calendar for upcoming activities.

Mailing Address: Lyme Trail Association, 133 Mitchell Hill Road, Lyme, Connecticut 06371
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