Thank you to all the riders, sponsors, volunteers, and other supporters for a safe and fun Hunter Pace!

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We hope to see you next year!

at Lord Creek Farm 

Sunday, September 10, 2023

New course design each year

The Lyme Hunter Pace is a cross-country ride with a partner(s) over a marked and timed course of up to 9 miles that includes 2-3’ jumps that riders may go over OR around.

  • Hunter: Experienced in the hunt field and want to take the course at a faster pace, traditionally a fox hunt pace.
  • Hilltopper: A more leisurely pace than Hunter, about 25% slower for the novice horse and/or rider.
  • New Youth Division! Riders age 18 or under. Teams can enter as Hunter or Hilltopper. Teams of three are permissible.

Register online HERE or download a registration form HERE.  For your convenience, you can upload your Coggins and Rabies on your on-line registration. Please have a digital copy available for all team horses when you register.

Early registration discount of $10 prior to August 20, 2023.  If mailing your registration: Please make checks payable to Lyme Trail Association. Mail entry to Lyme Trail Association, 133 Mitchell Hill Road, Lyme 06371

2023 Lyme Hunter Pace Sponsorships

Red Ribbon Sponsor


We are offering several sponsorship levels for the Hunter Pace to fit your budget. Your sponsorship dollars will benefit three important local equine-related organizations, and will help provide empowering and transformative programs to hundreds of children and adults.

Lyme Trail Association
High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc

Connecticut Valley Pony Club

To those of you who have supported this great fall event in the past, we are most grateful for your continued contribution!  To those of you who may be new supporters of the Hunter Pace, we hope you will consider making a sponsorship commitment to this event which provides a day of fun-filled adventure for both young and old!  Download our 2023 sponsorship form HERE.

Judy Bosco's photographs of the Hunter Pace are available to view and purchase. As always she captured some gorgeous images of all the teams and their horses!  Link Here.

In 2022, there were so many happy riders thrilled to be back at Lord Creek Farm after two years of no Lyme Hunter Pace and that mood was contagious. Other key ingredients in making the event such a success were:

The beautiful day!!

The totally revamped and perfectly marked course - Thank you so much to Binky and Linda and their team!

The hard work of Bob and Mike in clearing the trails and repairing and rebuilding jumps. Much needed, thank you!

The many Saturday volunteers who got us off to a great start enabling us to be ready for Sunday.

A certain Parking volunteer who parked trailers and spectator vehicles in picture perfect order!  Thank you and the rest of the Parking crew!

To Lyme Fire Company, Lyme Ambulance Association and Durham Animal Response Team for supporting the Hunter Pace by being present and, thank goodness, not needed this year!

To all of the other volunteer crews who welcomed the riders and made them feel at home on Lord Creek Farm — and couldn’t have been better at their jobs!

The link below to an article in the Connecticut Examiner tells it all.

Important Notice to Members

A friendly reminder that all memberships expire on March 1st, 2023. An email will be sent in early January 2023 for your renewal, or go to Membership page once you have logged in to renew. Scroll all the way to the bottom to view your membership status and renew.

Membership renewals are due on March 1st, 2023.  If not renewed your current membership will expire.

Renew our mmbership

Member Guidelines

The Lyme Trail Association (LTA) needs to put guidelines in place to manage the increasing number of Members and their Guests on property. 

Rider safety - All Riders must wear a safety helmet with a harness strap properly secured and with proper footwear. Safety vests are recommended if jumping.

Maximum Number of Guests per Member:  The maximum number of guests per member is 4 people.  Also, individuals are allowed on property as a Guest one time only.  If they are interested in coming back onto the property they must either join the LTA (visit our membership page) or pay the $25 Day Member Fee.  All Guests must sign Liability Waivers. Download here.

Parking:  There are days when capacity at Lord Creek Farm is reached. The primary indication of reaching capacity will be a full parking lot. Households should limit themselves to one vehicle when possible. All automobiles are asked to park parallel along the outside of the parking lot to leaving room for horse trailers. All Members must place their Parking Passes on their Dashboard.  Guest parking passes are available at the Kiosk in the LTA Parking Lot. We apologize in advance should the parking lot be full when you arrive. 

One more request: Please do not climb, sit or stand on stone walls. Children are included in this request.

Reminder:  Please display LTA identification when on property.  If you are a member and you need LTA identification or a Parking Pass please email us at  If this is a replacement a $5 service fee will be charged.

Mailing Address: Lyme Trail Association, 133 Mitchell Hill Road, Lyme, Connecticut 06371
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