Trail Etiquette  

Permission to use the Property is for MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS ONLY for hiking, cross-country skiing, and mounted or carriage riding by during daylight hours when the trails are open.

All Members (equestrians and hikers)

  • All vehicles and trailers must be parked in the designated parking area.
  • MEMBERSHIP IDENTIFICATION: Riders must always visibly display a LTA ID in a medical arm or leg band (for equestrians) and on a lanyard (for members on foot or cross country skiers).
  • Members are responsible for logging in to the LTA website to determine trail status. If you need help logging in, email 
  • Please be courteous and appreciative to landowners, and do not disturb them or their animals. Be considerate and courteous at all times. YOU ARE A GUEST ON PRIVATE LAND.
  • Stay on marked trails and the edge of open fields, as we do not want to negatively impact fields that may be hayed. Obey the posted signs. Leave gates as you found them. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or litter on the property. Dogs and un-mounted horses must be on leashes/leads. Landowners have given permission for members to walk and ride through their property on designated trails only.
  • No bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails.
  • Observe the privacy of landowners when passing close to homes.
  • Use of trails while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • Members should report any unusual or adverse trail conditions or other problems they may have encountered to the LTA at as soon as possible.


  • Practice safe horsemanship. Treat others with respect and consideration. Ride/drive slowly and be as quiet as possible near residences, stables or pastures with animals.
  • All members and guests, including minor children, must be competent to independently control their horse under trail conditions.
  • Trail use by minors (under the age of 16) must be supervised by an adult, their parents or a qualified riding instructor.
  • Guest riders must pay a $25 day fee.
  • Members and their guests must sign a Waiver of Liability form (including signatures of all parents/guardians of a minor child) and provide proof of a negative coggins and Rabies vaccine within the past 12 months for every horse on property (please see details in the membership application section).
  • All users MUST wear a safety helmet with harness strap properly secured and proper footwear. (An SEI Certified ASTM helmet, properly fitted and worn, is recommended.) Safety vests are recommended if jumping.
  • Members should report any unusual or adverse trail conditions or other problems they may have encountered to the LTA at as soon as possible.


  • Guests accompanied by a member are welcome on LTA managed property a one-time visit.
  • After the one-time visit, please join as a member or pay LTA a $25 Day Member fee, must sign in and complete an LTA Liability Waiver and, if on Lord Creek Farm, a LCF Liability Waiver form and leave it in the dropbox at the Kiosk in the Parking Area.
  • All dogs must be on leash for the entire time on property.

Mailing Address: Lyme Trail Association, 133 Mitchell Hill Road, Lyme, Connecticut 06371
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